Structural Investigation

CENSEO's team of engineers has extensive experience with single and multi-storey residential dwellings, commercial and industrial construction. During our detailed inspection, we determine the cause of damage or structural assessment utilising a range of tools such as Nivcomp Levelling machines, cavity inspection videos cameras, moisture meters, and various other aids for insurance companies, insurance assessors, builders, building owners and solicitors.  We are able to investigate and determine requirements for reinstatement and certify on completion of the repairs.

Our structural assessments typically include:

  • Damage Review;
  • Causation Investigation;
  • Buildability Assessment;
  • Contract Works Review;
  • Management of Repairs During Reinstatement;
  • Budget Estimate of Damage;

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Building Contract Review Program (BCRP)

The Building Contract Review Program (BCRP) aims to assist new entrants to the building industry, as well as existing small to medium builders, to obtain eligibility where the builder is unable to satisfy all the requirements in order for the eligibility application to be approved.