Insurance Engineering Assessment and Reporting Service

CENSEO is a single-source provider-of-choice to insurance companies, assessors, building companies, government agencies, lawyers, solicitors, individual property owners and private companies. From a single building or structural damage claim, to large volumes of claims in remote areas (in times of national disaster) we have the ability to independently project manage and deliver ethical, independent and cost-efficient reporting.

Our process is online, seamless and expedited - simply send your inspection notification, we will register your job within 1 hr through our cloud-based CRM, and send you a job confirmation. We will appoint an Engineer / Building Consultant to your claim / job the same day, and attend site within 4 business days. 

The typical process of inspection includes viewing, measuring, photographing or videoing the building or structure. The report is researched and relevant background information is incorporated into the written document, including quality checking against legislative standards and building codes. All reports undergo Engineering and Master Builder peer reviews, and reports are typically delivered within 2-4 days of your site inspection. 

For more complex assessments, we can manage all sub-contractors and specialists including roofing and leak detection experts. We will drive the delivery of the specialist report to incorporate into our findings, and even in the most complex of cases, will provide a report in under 21 days of claim notification. 

Most recently, we have also implemented use of best in class software and Geo-Radar systems to complete the highest quality and most expedited ground movement inspections within the Insurance Assessing sector within Australia. 

Contact us for more information on how we can provide you quality, expedited, technology driven engineers and builders inspection reports. 

Building Contract Review Program (BCRP)

The Building Contract Review Program (BCRP) aims to assist new entrants to the building industry, as well as existing small to medium builders, to obtain eligibility where the builder is unable to satisfy all the requirements in order for the eligibility application to be approved.