Construction Project Management

The CENSEO team includes engineers, surveyors and licensed builders who are able to provide complete end-to-end project management for all types of construction. The advantages are bringing projects in on time at the right price, delivering a quality service that meets budgetary and quality control needs communication is transparent and accountable, best practice is adhered to from commencement, and deadlines are met.

CENSEO assists with:

  • Developing the Scope of Works;
  • Negotiation of labour rates;
  • Negotiation of margins with subcontractors;
  • Quantity surveying supervision of the entire project;
  • Assessing building quality;
  • Cost control;
  • Risk management - to prevent problems occurring;
  • Accurate, transparent and regular communication with stake holders;
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Building Contract Review Program (BCRP)

The Building Contract Review Program (BCRP) aims to assist new entrants to the building industry, as well as existing small to medium builders, to obtain eligibility where the builder is unable to satisfy all the requirements in order for the eligibility application to be approved.